Engine Starter Motors

We have a full inventory of new and rebuilt starter motors in inventory.  Each rebuilt motor exceeds OEM specifications and is tested prior to shipment.

NRE has made design modifications to the 50 MT 32 V N110999, replacing the 12-brush system with an oversized 6-brush system. This enhancement ensures a continuous long-term connection to the commutator which effectively eliminates power interruptions due to vibration.  This allows for 20% more surface area to be in contact with the commutator, increasing electric flow.  Our design includes more copper material in a single brush and less moving parts, increasing the longevity of use and decreasing the wear and tear on the assembly.

Please call one of our sales representatives for more information on our starter motors.


Starter Motor- 32 Volt


Starter Motor- 64 Volt


Starter Motor- 32 Volt